Interesting Reasons To Choose Wood Alternative Flooring

Importance of Wood:

Wood is a very popular natural product that serves a lot of purposes for humans. It can be burnt to get energy, crushed to get paper, or joined together to create houses, ships, and even most of our daily use products. Since the emergence of plastic and alloys, durable and affordable materials are competing against the wooden demand in the market. However, the grace of wood’s natural beauty is still unparalleled, and that’s why it is used as a luxury element these days.

Effects of Consumption:

Unfortunately, as always, human needs have created a global tree scarcity or deforestation for consuming wood so much. It means that shifting to synthetic alternatives not only cuts the cost but also fulfills your social duty to save the planet.

Closest Alternative:

Metals, plastic, ceramic, plaster, and concrete cannot ever replicate the wooden feel. However, they can be layered up with wooden textured vinyl sheeting to look and feel closest to a wooden base. This innovative product has resolved the appearance issues with more durable and affordable materials used now for construction, production, as well as decoration.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring:

Speaking of the Vinyl Sheet Flooring, it is a digitally printed wood-like color and pattern on a PVC sheet that can be layered on top of the surface with acrylic or white glue. The vinyl sheet has the following to benefits over wooden flooring.


PVC’s are way cheaper and quick to produce as compared to wood. You can always opt for a high-end vinyl sheet to get the closet feel possible, still saving a lot in the long run. This luxury vinyl hardwood flooring comes in exciting textures and appearance to design your home at significantly lower prices.


As having a PVC base, the luxury vinyl flooring sheet can withstand commercial grade stress and strain. It can even endure scratches, flame, moisture, and pressure. For being 100% synthetic, these vinyl flooring also doesn’t get stained much and it is fulfilling the green building standards of commercial applications.


Like any other PVC, the luxury vinyl hardwood floor sheet can be used among all commercial, industrial and residential domains. It’s hard-wearing, waterproofing, and slip-resistant features make it practically best to install in bathrooms and kitchens. But aesthetically, it can also be used for living and dining rooms.


According to suppliers, the average quality hardwood vinyl flooring sheet is significantly quieter to walk on as compared to tiles, wood, and concrete. They also claim that added soundproofing and a small amount of cushion can also be introduced to the floor if the thickness and quality of vinyl flooring are increased.


Because hardwood luxury vinyl flooring can withstand impact and scratches durably, insulate heat and sound, and mostly doesn’t get stained, the upkeep for this material is almost none. The tile version of vinyl flooring may accrue dirt in the cracks but a single sheet flooring can also prevent that. Plus, the vinyl flooring sheet can be installed without the help of annoying nails.

Therefore, we all must opt for these PVC alternatives, instead of actual wood to spare the rest of the trees left to clean our atmosphere.