Pet And Children Friendly Luxury Vinyl Flooring: The Story Of A Superwoman

Pets and children are undoubtedly a charm for any house. They not only give you unintentional
happiness but spending time with them also takes you away from the worldly stress. However, with the
blessings they bring, there are some downsides as well. For instance, children track in dirt, spill juices
and milk, and drop food anywhere they get the chance. Same is the case with pets. If you’re not
attentive around them, these cute adorable creatures can literally wreck the whole place in a matter of
hours. Therefore, while choosing flooring for homes which includes pets and children, always go for
luxury vinyl flooring. It’s practical, durable and looks equally stylish to other luxury wood flooring
This blog is dedicated to our special client Samantha. A window, mother of 5 adopted children and
owner of about a dozen cats and dogs. She’s running a small boutique in St. Albert. To make a living. The
women have a strong social character and have been volunteering social works throughout her life.
When she first contacted us, she naturally talked that she needs help. Our responder thought that it’s a
prank call or something, but when we further inquired, and she told the real help she needed. We
explained to her that we have the best options available in Edmonton and our services are utterly
reliable. She then requested us to visit her, asses her house and quote her a price.
A day later, we visited her place and were shocked to see despite such responsibility; everything was so
tidy and organized in that house. The only thing damaged was the wooden flooring that she and her
husband did for themselves when they moved here first. We were also surprised to learn that the
flooring was almost 32 years old and just had a few discolouring and wear marks.
After discussing her life, we realized that this was a divine call to help someone who is already helping so
much for others. All the children she had adopted were freed from child labour, rescued from the
oppression of the tribal men, and secured from the military operation zones. She brought them back,
gave them a new life and freedom to grow as we humans deserve. She told us that it was difficult in the
beginning to take care of all these children for the age but time flies and they are grown up now.
The first meeting had filled our minds with pride and determinations to go beyond our comfort zone and
work for this deserving lady. To accomplish that, we chosen a white cedar wood hardwood planks for
the main halls, a plain tropical sand sheet for the kitchen and bathrooms and a dark pinewood textured
vinyl planks for the outside deck. We even coated the kennels and baskets to complement the interior
The original floor removing process was challenging, but we did it out of care and didn’t charge a buck
for it. We were rewarded with cookies as a kind gesture after knowing that the team has minimalized
the overall cost.