Professional Courtesy Guide For Perfect DIY Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is by far the easiest flooring option ever created. All it takes is a couple of equipment, a few products to work with and patience for it. Patience is the key to every perfectly laid floor. The more we rush the greater are chances that we might skip a step and experience a big headache afterwards. Therefore, with the courtesy of our experienced floor installation team, we’ve created a guide to DIY your luxury flooring that’s just as perfect as they’d do it for you. If you run into problems during the process, feel free to consult our specialists.

We recommend you to follow these steps accordingly to get the best results:

Preparing The Surface:

Surface preparation is the primary and most essential process of achieving a perfect vinyl installation. It includes levelling the surface and clearing all the debris and dust particles. The luxury vinyl flooring in Sherwood Park  can be installed on any surface as long as it’s levelled. For concrete flooring, you can look for concrete floor leveler to make the job easier. If you’re working with tiles and carpet, make sure to remove them first and level it professionally. For cleaning the debris, a regular vacuum cleaner will do the trick. However, you will also need to clear the area during installation.

Initiating The Installation:

The installation process itself is super easy and fun to do. The vinyl planks itself has drop lock insulation around all four corners to simply click together. They also have an underlayment base which adds to the flexibility and comfort while walking. The directions to install comes with the packaging. But if you still don’t get it, follow these steps.

  1. Always start one corner to avoid skinny cuts at both ends.
  2. Must Add quarter inch spacers before laying the first row.
  3. Use plastic mallet and plastic block to tap them into place.
  4. Advance but also keep knocking the joints with the mallet.

Angled Plank Installation:

When you reach a point where you need to cut an angle on the vinyl plank, use an angle finder and trace it on to the target board. Now for cutting, a table saw is the best and quick option but you can also cut the board using a utility knife. It might take a little while but it not impossible.

Fitting In A Tight Space:

For fitting underneath the door jams and close to the walls, you will need some specialized equipment. For door jams, just take a scrap piece of flooring as a base and cut with an oscillating tool. That way the planks will fit right underneath it with perfection.

When fitting plank close to the walls where you can’t work with the hammer, you’d need a pull bar. The pull bar will hold the plank and provide a hitting spot to lock it into place.

Installing Transitions:

Transitions are installed when connecting a different type of flooring like carpet or tile etc. The most preferred option is the T-mould that can interlock with the grooves very easily. A metal channel can be installed with nails or construction adhesive depending upon the base and then lock the T-mould in it. This creates a seamless look and prevents debris from getting underneath the luxury vinyl planks.