Luxury Vinyl Custom Nosing in Edmonton


Not exclusive to flooring, our company also offers luxury vinyl custom nosing in Edmonton, to merge the appeal of your staircase with the flooring or the interior. Typically, wooden textured vinyl nosing is highly in demand, but pre-produced design nosing can also be installed. Our staff is deliberate and expert in installing precise nosing, making your staircase safe yet attractive. You can also bring a design of your own, and we’ll supply and install it as well.



Our luxury vinyl custom nosing is very convenient, affordable and easy to install. It works on all types of surfaces, including, concrete, epoxy, as well as wood for its lightweight and highly durable coat. With our professional staff, you can get your desired custom nosing installed in hours no matter the number of stairs. They are skilled to intelligently set the angles, mark all the spaces, and cut to size without the need for measuring again and again. Once the material is cut, all it takes is some adhesion and careful fitting.

The provided Luxury vinyl custom nosing in Edmonton are all custom made products created by laminating the stair nosing with the vinyl sheet. We also have pre-prepared samples to look for.

If you something unique, make sure to bring a visual sample, so we prepare the vinyl lamination first and then mount it on the nosing essentials. Typically people prefer wooden textures, but you can also go with images and other designs to look elegant and match the interior.

All you have to do is hire our luxury vinyl nosing service in Edmonton and rest assured. We provide guarantees for the best quality work and utmost customer satisfaction.

Whatever we do, we always priorities customer satisfaction and reliability to save customers a fortune.