Vinyl Floor Repair Edmonton

Professional Vinyl Repair in Edmonton

Vinyl flooring stays the longest, but if you’re not cautious, you might end up having ripped vinyl sheet or chipped hardwood plank. These damages will not only void the appeal but will also compromise the waterproofing features. Also, if not repaired timely, the damaged area will expand, requiring an overall replacement. Therefore, it is best to call out for Vinyl Floor Repair in Edmonton whenever damage occurs. Our professional staff will take care of the impairment like it never happened very inexpensively.

Usually, there are three ways to repair the vinyl flooring, but two of them are only possible if you’ve purchased and stored extra vinyl sheet and planks matching the original. If that’s not the case, we’re bound to use aftermarket kits for Vinyl Floor Repair in Edmonton. It works great for smaller scuffing and scratching but cannot handle the cuts more than an inch. Therefore, we always recommend our customers to purchase more than needed to repair the floor precisely.


Our Vinyl Floor Repair in Edmonton Work:

Luxury vinyl planks offer the most convenient and reliable repairing processes. The clip lock system helps the replacement fit just like new. However, removals are a bit technical and best done using our profound services. We’ll neatly remove damaged planks, cut the new one to the shape (if the previous one had an angle) and lock it in place.

The vinyl sheet repair is relatively delicate, but we’re expert in it as well. We’ll match the patch from the extras, cut to the shape (using reference marks) and paste it in place. The process also includes the careful removal of the cut portion, remove the previous adhesive, repasting the replacement and sealing it in place precisely.

For smaller nicks, a vinyl repair kit is used to create the same colour compound mix and filling the crack to reseal it.