What To Choose? Luxury Vinyl Planks Vs Vinyl Laminate Flooring

Flooring is deemed as a design element. The better it looks, the better it preserves the value and comfort for your property. Back in the days when natural resources were not scarce, the wooden flooring was very popular. In fact even the buildings were constructed with wood. The modern alternative which was invented a decade earlier was the vinyl laminate flooring. The cheaper yet durable and easier to wash flooring with the same luxury wooden flooring appeal was demanded like hotcakes. But with the lamination flooring, a common issue was not properly addressed, the waterproofing.

Until a few years back, a new vinyl flooring era emerged, which made it possible to get not only the appearance but also the feel of a wooden plank. That were the luxury vinyl planks: a relatively thinner yet smoother to walk on, more sound-absorbent with a 100% waterproofing convenience. The advancement also made the laminate flooring options waterproof and textured to have a genuine alternative fell as well. However, with both these serve as a great wooden flooring alternative, the main question we’re going to answer that what to choose and under what conditions.

Reasons To Choose Vinyl Laminate:

  • Good against pets and children

As the laminate flooring does have a hard base in between, it prevents the deep punctures from animal nails and pointed object drop. It also prevents to get chips by furniture drag. You might experience a bit on knocking effect.

  • Comes with greater options

As the construction includes the topmost layer as a vinyl sheet, the user has the option to get different designs and colour options to choose from. You can even customize your own design to compliment the name of the business or personal liking.

  • Doesn’t fade for a very long time

As the vinyl sheet is excellent to prevent the scratches, the laminate flooring also acts as more durable compared to other flooring types. It also doesn’t lose its shine and colour for a longer time span.

  • Cheaper than the luxury vinyl flooring

Though the manufacture is abundant and the materials are cheaper. The vinyl laminate flooring also costs less. Plus the increased durability increases its value to money too.

Superiority Of Vinyl Flooring Plank:

  • Excellent to handle foot traffic

The flexible material absorbs most of the pressure and walking noise while stays durably intact. It gets stiff neither expands with heat differences nor ever loses its shape. May get punctured if pointed force is applied.

  • Comes only in luxury wooden finishes

The vinyl planks were created to serve only one need, To replicate the actual wooden feel with the properties of vinyl. Therefore, the planks are only available in the wooden texture and style. It is considered a cheaper alternative to an expensive appeal.

  • Quickest to install flooring option

As the luxury vinyl planks do not have joints to connect and easily stick with glue to any existing floor. The also adjust itself to the levelling flaws without breaking.

  • Stays completely waterproof once installed

The luxury vinyl flooring planks are constructed as a single unit. Every layer of material is chosen to prevent moisture from seeping into the base.